GÉANT Looking Glass - Help

The front-end presents the user with an interactive G√ČANT topology map, a list of routers and a list of commands. The user should take the following three steps in order to use the application:

1. User should select a router. This can be done either by clicking the required router on the interactive map or by selecting the required router from the list. In both cases the router changes colour on the map thus giving visual feedback that it has been selected.
2. User should select a command to be executed on the router selected in step 1. This can be done by selecting the required command from the drop down list. Optional parameters can be specified to refine the command. User can also ask output as XML rather the plain text (this only works on supported routers).
3. User should click on the submit button.

Only one router and one command can be selected at a time.

The LG tool will execute the selected command on the selected router and display the output to the user. If the user has chosen the XML option then the output is displayed as XML instead of plain text.